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Looking for a Job

Summary: Whether you are beginning your career or have some experience under your belt, getting a new job has a process of its own and some key steps should be considered. Follow these tips to make a successful job application that will lead you to the next steps of the hiring process.

Your CV is the backbone of your application. It is important to walkthrough how have you build your experience and skill sets. Rather than focusing on technicalities, have your CV focus on what objectives, results or value did you achieve in the places you have been.
Do not use your CV to show off with the equipment you have used overtime. Instead, try to portray how have you made the best out of the tools and gear available to you.

There is a high possibility that a CV is going to be overlooked or not considered at all without a sound and appealing covering letter or introductory message – which leads us to the next part.

Cover letter

Once you have shortlisted the jobs you would like to apply to, focus on the covering letter and/or introductory message by sharing why would you like to work in that businesses in particular and how your experience can be of value for the role and company.

Avoid repeating the information that shows your track record and experience as well as .The covering letter is your opportunity to share your understanding of the role and to embrace the values of the company. This step is the “sales pitch” that will get you to the next round of the hiring process.

Do not use a cover letter/introduction message template for all of your applications. Business owners and HR staff can easily pick up when applications are not being specifically tailored for them.

As your account is already created and completed, just upload the cover letters and/or introductory messages to have them sent along with your profile and CV by using the one-click application.

Some hiring processes are faster than others, so allow an average of 2 weeks for a reply. If you don’t make it to the next round of the process, it is ok to ask for feedback that will help you make stronger future applications.

Keep an eye at the Coffee Jobs Board for opportunities that match your skill set and experience. You can check our website regularly or set up email job alerts. You can also check our Instagram feed where job opportunities are shared frequently or search for our jobs in Jooble.

Happy hunting!

We have all seen news stories telling of high unemployment among people reaching working age since the year 2000. These young people have been given the tag “millennials”. Is this high unemployment (or underemployment) a real phenomenon? If so, what are the causes and what can be done about it?Jooble