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Safely Delete Sensitive Data with Active@ ZDelete

Short Description: LSoft Technologies presents the latest edition of Active@ ZDelete, featuring an overhauled user interface and improved performance and functionality.

LSoft Technologies introduced the latest edition to their popular data shredding software, Active@ ZDelete. New in version 8.0 is an entirely redesigned user interface, facilitating greater ease of use and improved integration with Windows/File Explorer and Microsoft Internet Explorer. The latest version also introduces a completely overhauled version of the integrated Disk Wipe utility. Now faster than ever before, Disk Wipe supports not only Windows-supported file systems, but also those native to MacOS, Linux and Unix.

Why Use a Data Shredder?

Most computer users assume that emptying the Recycle Bin or formatting a storage device is final; that the data within can never be recovered. However, what really happens is that the operating system simply defines the previously occupied space as available. In other words, another file copy or creation operation can occupy the space, ultimately overwriting the original content. Until this happens, however, it is possible to use any third-party data recovery software to get the content back intact. In some cases, people have been able to recover data deleted months or even years before.

If you are selling or donating your computer or other digital device, restoring it to factory default settings or formatting the disk will not delete any data. In other words, anyone will be able to access it with the right software. As such, your only options are to either physically destroy the data-bearing device, such as the hard drive, or use a data shredder. With Active@ ZDelete, you can safely delete any data you want with ease, without causing any damage to the device itself.