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Regain Access to Your Computer with Active@ Password Changer

Short Description: If you have forgotten the password needed to access your Windows administrator account, then Active@ Password Changer might just save your day.

LSoft Technologies presents version 8 of its popular password resetting tool to help you regain access to administrator or local user accounts in Windows. The software works in any edition of Windows from Vista to Windows 10, and it supports all file systems natively supported by Windows, including ReFS. The latest edition also includes many minor bug fixes and an overall improvement in performance and reliability. The interface has been optimized too to better handle high-DPI displays, such as 4K and ultrawide monitors. 

There are many reasons why you might need a powerful tool like Active@ Password Changer at your disposal. For a start, forgetting your password is one reason, which is particularly common now that most of us need to remember many different passwords for various accounts. Alternatively, someone, such as a disgruntled former employee, might deliberately change the password so that no one else can access the system. Normally, the only way to regain access to the computer is to create a new account or, if the administrator account itself has been compromised, reinstall Windows.

Unfortunately, reinstalling Windows or creating a new user account doesn't mean you'll be able to regain access to the data stored in your user account folder. In fact, reinstalling typically involves formatting the disk and permanently losing everything. Fortunately, Active@ Password Changer can save the day by allowing you to boot up the computer even if you can otherwise no longer access it. It will then walk you through the quick and simple process of resetting your password. Find out more by pointing your browser to

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