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Keep Your Data and IT Assets Safe with Metadefender Cloud Client

Short Description: Metadefender Cloud Client is one of the most thorough malware analysis solutions on the market. It uses several unique methods to look for threats and assess the security of any endpoint.

OPSWAT introduces the latest edition of its innovative anti-malware solution, the Metadefender Cloud Client. Operating entirely through the cloud, this powerful software provides one of the most exhaustive IT security solutions available. It performs full forensic analyses of all endpoints using heuristic detection and a variety of other methods to accurately determine the security state of your systems.

Metadefender Cloud Client thoroughly scans memory modules for any malicious or suspicious code in running processes and dynamic link libraries using more than 40 tried and tested anti-malware engines. It also helps to protect your network from rogue IP addresses by referring to several reputable databases of whitelisted IP address ranges. Best of all, memory module scanning only takes a few minutes and, once complete, you'll be able to view a report detailing any potential security threats that it might have found and which anti-malware engines discovered them.

The cloud-based client also provides another important tool that checks the history of your locally installed anti-malware engines. It will then sift through the data automatically in search of any patterns that might be cause for concern. If it discovers something suspicious, it may indicate that your anti-malware engine is out-of-date or otherwise not functioning as intended.

The free edition of Metadefender Cloud Client works on all versions of Windows, while the commercial version supports additional platforms such as Linux-based ones.

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