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How to Change DNS Server on Android


  • Changing DNS can help improve security, or speed up your connection
  • On phones, you can change the DNS for Wi-Fi connections
  • You need to root your phone to change it for mobile data
The "address" of locales on the Web is really a progression of numbers, and DNS (Domain Name System) is the means by which your program changes over these names, (for example, into IP addresses. As a matter of course, every one of your associations will utilize a DNS server gave by the ISP, however these may be slower or less dependable than certain outsider DNS alternatives, for example, Google DNS and Open DNS. Utilizing these DNS servers can likewise get to blocked sites. Thus, you ought to consider changing your DNS settings.

This is the means by which you change DNS servers on Android:

Open the Wi-Fi settings on your gadget. You could do this by propelling Settings and going to Wi-Fi, or by pulling down the notice shade and long-squeezing the Wi-Fi symbol.

Presently, open the system choices for your Wi-Fi organize. The way this works will rely on upon your telephone; you may need to long-press the name of the Wi-Fi, and the tap on Modify Network, or there may be a bolt as an afterthought, contingent upon your maker and variant of Android.

In the system points of interest, look to the base, and tap on IP Settings. In the event that you don't see that menu, search for a catch stamped Advanced, and after that you'll see IP Settings.

Change this to static.

Change DNS1 and DNS2 to the settings you need - for instance, Google DNS is and separately.

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It's just as simple as that. Lamentably, much like iOS, Android additionally does not allow clients to change the DNS settings for versatile information associations - you can do it by establishing your telephone, however that is a stage for more propelled clients, and one we would not prescribe in this guide.