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Data Backup Made Easy with Active@ Disk Image

Short Description: LSoft Technologies presents the latest version of its disk imaging software. Supporting automated backup scheduling and RAW disk images, Active@ Disk Image ensures that nothing gets forgotten about.

Are you adequately prepared for a catastrophic computer failure at the hands of ransomware or a physical disaster? If not, then LSoft Technologies presents the perfect solution to ensure that all your data is kept safe and that nothing important gets forgotten about. Active@ Disk Image makes a byte-by-byte copy of your hard drive or any other digital storage media to ensure that your personal files, operating system, programs, drivers and everything else is archived for safe keeping. A complete solution, it supports automated backup scheduling, incremental backups and a convenient, wizard-driven restore application for restoring your disk images to a new disk or mounted virtual drive. Aside from being great for backups, this powerful disk imaging software is ideal for PC upgrades and disk duplication jobs as well.

Active@ Disk Image can make a complete RAW disc image that even includes blank sectors. Alternatively, you can save space by only backing up occupied disk clusters. Incremental backups also save time by automatically adding new data to existing archives instead of having to recreate them all over again. Other features include data encryption, scripting support, email notifications, bootable media and support for mounting disk images as virtual drives. In other words, Active@ Disk Image provides everything you need to back up and restore your data while making sure that nothing important gets left behind. The latest version also adds support for Microsoft Storage Spaces and network credentials for scheduled tasks. Learn more at

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