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Avoid Conflicts With Preparation

Short Description: Share this article with people around you. Experiment with these strategies and you'll be paving the way for peaceful and rewarding interactions in your business and personal life.

Jooble shares with you advise" If you notice yourself getting dug in or angry in the face of differing views, ask for a time out and step out of the content for a moment and notice if you are presently moving toward your true goal. If not, or if the situation is just getting too uncomfortable, check to see which of the seven strategies shown below would be most helpful in turning your conflict into collaboration"

A couple of years ago his company had written manual outlining specific procedures for dealing with communication problems, whether between the management and staff or among the employees. The manual spelled out numerous situations and the exact paths of communication and steps to take. Everyone in the company was familiar with these procedures, had been told about them in meetings. They supposedly understood what to do if any of these occurred. Recently, there was a serious communication problem in his company. Although a number of people knew about the situation, months went by before it finally came to light. He was surprised and irritated to find that everyone acted as if they had never heard of, or even read the manual! 

Every business periodically experiences internal difficulties, when communications break down. How do they manage this? Have they planned ahead, designed the steps to take that resolve conflicts? Or do they "wing it", hoping that 1) it won't happen very often, or 2) if it happens, they'll get through it and move on.
Relying on either of these methods can spell catastrophe by the time a problem comes to your attention. As the old saying goes, "time is money". Because we're usually swamped with things to do, we don't think about how what we do affects others. This can create real problems that, if not resolved quickly, can cause trouble for those around us, including our customers! As my friend learned, the best way to deal with a problem is before something happens -- by planning for it. Create a written document, a manual with procedures that show employees what steps to take. Then train everyone in these and conduct refresher sessions. You might even make these part of regular staff or sales meetings. Repetition creates new habits and they need to be in place before any difficult situation arises. Planning ahead for problems, especially when it comes to communication between people, is a sound strategy. You can count on it -- things will happen. You can't get conflict and violence out of othe r people without first getting it out of your own soul. We can't eliminate the weapons of the world without first getting them out of our own hearts. Consider what you really want and find the place inside you that can lead you to it. Peace begins at home. Peace begins with you. Be prepared by writing out procedures ahead of time and by making sure they're second nature to your staff through regular review. This will help avert even larger problems. Taking effective steps now will save you a lot of time and keep your company running more smoothly in the future!
And time is money, isn't it?