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Automate FTP and Change the Way You Work with Remote File Se

Short Description: FTPGetter Professional will revolutionize the way you work with files stored on remote FTP servers by automating all the repetitive processes and synchronizing files so that you don't have to.

If an everyday part of your routine involves working with files stored on a remote FTP or SFT server, then you already know just how painful it can be. If you're still using a standard locally installed FTP client or, worse still, a basic Web-based solution such as those provided by many hosting companies, you're hardly relying on the most efficient method. A standard FTP client, Web-based or otherwise, typically leaves a lot to be desired unless all you need to do is very occasionally browse a remote directory or download just a file or two. The conventional method rapidly becomes woefully impractical once you have lots of files to work with and even more so if you need to keep files synchronized between the local computer and remote server. Fortunately, however, there's a way around these annoying limitations.

How FTPGetter Professional Can Help You Enhance Your Workflow

You are probably already familiar with the slowness and lack of responsiveness of the conventional FTP client but, thanks to FTPGetter Professional, it's now possible to automate your workflows. This powerful utility, which is the product of many years of research, development and refinement, allows you to automate FTP and SFTP transfers with ease. If your schedule involves keeping files synchronized between a local computer and an FTP server, then using this tool will immediately translate into increased productivity and, ultimately, profitability. It allows you to automate everyday FTP tasks, allowing you instead to focus on core areas of your working routine that simply cannot be automated. At the same time, you'll also be able to reduce the risk of human error of the type that can lead to costly data loss.

FTPGetter Professional provides the full range of automation facilities, including the ability to schedule tasks and leave it to do the time-consuming work for you. The scheduling feature allows you to set up tasks involving multiple servers, while the wizard-based interface allows you to set up these tasks in a matter of minutes. For example, you may want to configure the program to automatically check for new file creations on either the local or remote server at specific intervals, such as every hour or every day. This way, the program will be able to ensure that all files are kept current. For example, you might use it to back up locally stored files automatically on your Web server, which is particularly useful in cases where unexpected data loss can quickly bring your business to a standstill.

Powerful Features for Demanding Users

Among the raft of capabilities provided by FTPGetter Professional are various advanced features that are nonetheless simple to use. For example, support for file masks allows you to reduce bandwidth consumption by only paying attention to files of specific types. Those familiar with the command-line interface can also use the terminal emulator to remotely execute commands to perform file operations, navigate directory structures and more. For those seeking to create more complex tasks, FTPGetter Professional even provide full shell scripting support, batch processing and support for proxy servers.

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